Welcome to the 2 different WORLDS we’ve created to satisfy your ONLINE SHOPPING needs. Each WORLD is dedicated to products we’ve sourced from different parts of the world. With some history and information behind our choices, we hope you find our site and products as interesting as it is for us in developing our brand. Happy shopping in our WORLDS.

My Pet World – a site dedicated to all things pets.

This WORLD started as an online store that quickly develop into something more. Due to a great demand of our products and wanting to further to see what we could make of it, we decided set up a physical boutique in September 2012.

We started with a space of 20sqm and at our 10 month mark, we signed a new contract to move to a 44sqm space. It was no surprise with the move as we’ve been greatly supported by the local community. It’s been throughly an amazing experience and we hope to further expand this WORLD.

My Home World – a site dedicated to all things home.


My Custom World – a site dedicated to all things imaginable.