Since moving to Australia in 2005, I’ve always wanted to do something good and memorable with my life. Having travelled around the world from a very young age, I was lucky enough to experience the many different cultures, faith and aspirations of different people.

When I returned back to Sydney (where I now call home) in March 2011 from New York City, I came to realised that one does not need to travel the world to understand and learn more about other people and their cultures. In New York City, the vast diversity in cultures and the many different available products tell many a stories.

​It was since then I decided to combine my 2 passions in live, my love for animals and vision of doing something good. I am going to break down the barrier between people and cultures by providing information through products I will be carrying on my online store.

With that Shrink My World was born and now serves as a one-stop shop for around the world products with product information and knowledge that educates buyers and opens their world up to the exciting things on offer.

In the last 2 years, I’ve welcomed Cristy Bhandary (My Custom & Home World) who share my passion and love in running a small business, so it was no surprise we’ve managed to work well together.

Over time we’ve been expanded our range in all WORDLS and now have a physical store for My Pet World which we launched back in September 2012.

That’s a little about us and we hope you find this journey as exciting and rewarding as we have in developing Shrink My World.